BitCreek Wallet Review

Some online sites specialize in Bad Theory Marketing, in posting bad reviews in purpose to bring piggy-back traffic to their own affiliate links and/or AdWords ads. Such reviews are written only in purpose to criticize a new and often very successful launch.


Because they have a hidden agenda, they are always very biased. They lack the basic knowledge of the program, and their main purpose is to build a good name for its writers and to recommend their own (often crappy) programs. Please notice, all of such reviews end with ‘Click Here for My #1 Recommendation’ LOL.

This review will be different! I am BitCreek Wallet’s early member, I have the inside knowledge about it, and I am going to share that knowledge with you.

Programs alike BitCreek are called Super Wallets. There are more than a few Super Mobile Wallet Apps on the market now. I know about Exxa Wallet, Cloud Token, and SBlock; and I've heard about couple of others that were active for some time and then suddenly disappeared. 

Due to that not so successful (YET!!) Super Wallets history, and also to the fact that members in those wallets do not hold private keys to their coins, they are considered to be High Risk.  

For a brand new wallet to be added to the High-Risk category, it’s OK and understandable.  But to be without any proofs added to the Ponzi basket and called a scam and garbage, it is NOT! And it needs to be publicly condemned!   


No one can know for sure what will happen with BitCreek, if they will be able to successfully follow their Road Map and accomplish everything on their to-do list, or if they will quit prematurely. Only time and results will tell us that, and not any review, mine or the other guy, can predict the future.

But, so far, BitCreek is doing everything that it has committed to do. It is paying daily profits, paying all legitimate withdraws, and it’s continually adding on new improvements and developments. It is a real pleasure to be involved with a new project right from the beginning and to personally witness all such developments. 

BitCreek plans on being very much legal and transparent, but as the CEO says, everything takes time. Here you can view its UK registration:


And you can research it more on the website and follow it to receive email alerts of all the company's filed transactions.  


As you can see, Bitcreek Wallet truly is a brand spanking new company. Its Malta Business Registration, where BitCreek just opened its new, main office, is currently being processed. 


At the present moment, BitCreek wallet supports all the below coins, and it plans on supporting many, many more. (Kindly refer to the Roadmap on the official BCW site.)

Members will be able to hold there any of their chosen coins or tokens and earn passive profits not only on BTC, ETH, and the few other supported in those other wallets but on a wide variety of cryptocurrency.



What else makes BitCreek unique is the most advanced wallet technology with a multi-tier & multi-cluster system architecture, ensuring the absolute safety of the wallet and all transactions.  This wallet can't be hacked or in any way compromised! 

And finally, last but not least,  is the percentage of our daily earnings.

It is way higher than on all those other wallets, up to 30% monthly, but… there is a price for it too. In BitCreek, one puts his/her coins for 30 days holding, meaning those coins are not available for a withdraw before the 30-day holding period is over. (In Exxa for example, one with a small penalty withdraw fee, can withdraw any moment, but… the profits are much lower). After the 30 days holding period is over, members can withdraw their coins to their chosen address or reinvest them (or a portion of them).

The 30 days holding period makes the basis for the higher earnings. The trading robot can do much better with the shielded amount of coins than with the ones opened to be removed at any moment.


However, for most of the members, the most positive point is not even the high daily interest, but BitCreek support and the people behind it. 

BitCreek’s CEO, Jaseer Hadaman, is regularly present on BitCreek Telegram and Facebook, always available with his help. Members love to see him! Many are saying that on all the other crypto investment sites, they were lucky to see the CEO’s name, but never his face or personal replies. Jasser is different! Members can feel his incredible dedication and commitment to the BitCreek project and the BitCreek community. He is there for all of us and that is what makes all the difference and the main reason for this review. 


BitCreek Wallet banner



And now, in summary, what’s there for you
and why I believe you might like to consider joining Bitcreek:


  1. BitCreek is a NEXT GENERATION EARNER, which will provide you with up to 30% passive monthly profits.  You can put into 30-days holding any amount (as low as $1 worth) and earn from it your daily (up to 1%) interest in BCWT.
    (BCWT stands for BitCreek Wallet Token and it is instantly exchangeable to any of the supported coins and instantly available for a withdraw to your chosen address.)
  2. BCWT price is on the way up! It started at $0.1000, and at the moment of this writing, it already is $0.1143. Its potential to keep on rising in value is extremely high.
  3. This is the easiest opportunity imaginable. You keep your coins in your BitCreek wallet and collect for it your daily profits!  ZERO WORK and Zero Experience or Marketing Needed. Look, the famous Warren Buffett said: If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, then you will work until you die. With this app, you WILL MAKE MONEY while you sleep.
  4. In case you want to promote and share the BC Wallet opportunity with others, BitCreek has one of the most attractive affiliate reward systems. You can earn up to 30 levels plus down from you, and increase your earnings exponentially. We already have in place a team rotator link, additional marketing, howtos materials, and a true team spirit.
    Join us from this link HERE(you can reload it a few times to access the different inviters) and become part of our great team!